About Us

Affiliatebe is a business directory with one major difference. It caters to businesses of every kind, and all without the need for a physical address.

You may ask yourself, how big of a deal is not having a physical address?

You have authority within your niche, clients, customers, plenty of readers, sales and revenue to back it up. Yet, you always come up against the same hurdle when trying to sign up to trusted business directories.

If this is the case, then you’re in the right place. As this is the sole reason why Affiliatebe came about. The very need to provide a business directory trusted by businesses and consumers alike that does not require a business address to create your business listing.

Why should an online business, E-commerce store, or affiliate site be restricted to the kind of directories they can list their business on. All because they don’t have an physical address or phone number?

The answer is quite simply, they shouldn’t!

Some of the biggest, most profitable and most visited sites online are affiliate sites. The search engine results are awash with online stores and affiliate sites that dominate the top 10 results in most search engines.

This is the reason we got together and decided to create a business directory that caters to everyone and allows those businesses online without a physical address to create a business listing and build up their online presence.

The great thing with Affiliatebe is we don’t only cater for online businesses but businesses of every kind, with the goal being ultimately to get your product or services in front of the people that matters most, consumers!

Created in 2022, Affiliatebe is the most trusted and popular business directory for both online and brick and mortar businesses. 

Your one stop shop for consumers looking for trusted and respected businesses within their industry.